Shellback Tactical is proud to announce that the Original Banshee Plate Carrier in Black has been selected by the Plano Police Department (Plano, TX). The Plano Police Department is the 4th largest agency in Texas and located just 30 mins North of Dallas. With the recent unfathomable, cowardly, tragic incident that occurred in Dallas against Law Enforcement. This Life-saving equipment is important more than ever.

For the evaluation. The Plano Police Department put a team together to evaluate plate carriers for the agency. They evaluated approx. 10 potential carriers. After their in depth evaluation, they selected the Banshee Plate Carrier for several reasons. Ease of use, the range of officers the carrier would fit, price point, quality and long term durability. They will be issuing and fielding 350 Banshee Plate Carriers to start into their patrol division. The Banshee has also been adopted as their official carrier and will be issued to all new hire officers as well.

Shellback Tactical is happy to have been evaluated and selected. In the current environment of Law Enforcement being targeted, it is great to see another Police agency preparing and investing in their personnel.

If your agency is interested in more details on the evaluation or outfitting its personnel with Plate Carriers, Hard Armor, Helmets, and complete active shooter kits. Please contact for info, quotes (RFQS). We are here to help. Shellback Tactical’s roots are in Law Enforcement with the owner being a retired LEO himself. Protecting as many Law Enforcement as possible has become our highest priority. Soon, Shellback Tactical is sending personnel to the Plano-Dallas Metro area to meet with several other agencies regarding their needs for active shooter protective gear. If you are an agency that would like more information on our visit, you can also email

Shellback Tactical founded in 2003 by a Police Officer. We have over 18 years of Law Enforcement experience and we have been designing gear and other life-saving equipment for over 12 years. Trust in us and our experience to get your agency and officers protected.

ECO Active Shooter Response Hard Armor Kit – Getting Law Enforcement Protected is Our Mission

Shellback Tactical Gear in recent months has made it, it’s mission to Get Law Enforcement Officers Protected with Protective Plate Carriers and Body Armor. In recent months as violent cowardly attacks have escalated against Law Enforcement. This has hit close to home for the owner of Shellback Tactical who spent 18 years in Law Enforcement and retired to a new calling. As a Police officer, the owner of Shellback Tactical started making nylon tactical gear in the USA with the mission of getting officers protected with gear for front line patrol operations. 12 + Years later the business has grown, but the mission has not changed. Shellback Tactical is one of the few USA Made nylon manufacturer businesses in the Industry that has been started and built by a police officer.

Officers having to purchase some of their own protective active shooter rifle stopping armor kits is a regular thing with budget constraints. This adds up quick and many officers are not in a position to afford this life-saving gear. Law Enforcement agencies who make a decision to buy gear for their officers also have to work within a set budget. They face, here’s the budget or the total amount allocated to spend. The next question is, How many personnel can we get outfitted.

Shellback Tactical, known for the Original Banshee Plate Carrier. Created and now introduces their new ECO active shooter armor kit. The ECO kit standing for economic help take the guess work out of the decision. By creating an incredible kit, that not only has all components Made in the USA, from the Body Armor to the Plate Carrier Vest itself. But it’s one of the lowest price points on the market for a kit like this. Making the ordering easy with one product SKU and all the lifesaving equipment is part of it. Makes the ordering process easy. The nylon component of the kit also carries a Lifetime Warranty, just like all other Shellback Tactical products. The best part is this kit a sub $400 kit.

Need more information or a Quote? Contact to start the process.


ECO Active Shooter Response Hard Armor Kit

$394.99 Lowest Priced USA Made Hard Armor Kit. This USA MADE Active Shooter Response Hard Armor Kit Named ECO for Economical is your ticket to protection at a budget minded price. Coming from Shellback Tactical, you know right away all components can be trusted, are built tough and USA Made. Whether you need to outfit 1 or several hundred, this kit just may fill the need. Don’t trust just any kit or gear. Trust Shellback to get you kitted.

The ECO Active Shooter Response Hard Armor Kit includes our Patriot Plate Carrier. A high quality, one size fits most solution, paired with matching Shellback branded Hard Armor Level IV plates. With the current state of the country and world being uncertain daily, Order yours and Get the Protection you need. The price for the complete kit? $394.99


  2. Two 10X12 Shellback Tactical Level IV Economical PREVAIL Series Hard Armor Plates Model 1145 – Single Curve/Shooter Cut 7.8 Lbs Each Plate Tested to NIJ 06 Standards