Carrying a tourniquet and the options out there.

These days it is more dangerous than ever for first responder Law Enforcement personnel. Over that last few years, more and more officers are being shot or shot at. This is an alarming trend but a reality check of the current climate we live in. With that said, while you are out on the streets as a patrol officer. These days there is a greater chance of you being involved in a high threat violent encounter. The criminal aspect of Society these days does not seem to care or respect Law Enforcement and will take you on.

I would encourage a gunshot med kit, but many still don’t carry one. But for sure carry a tourniquet. These days it is easy to carry one on duty, with many carry options out there. Having one could very well save your life, a citizen’s life or the life of your partner.

When shot the one thing without fail that needs to happen. Is to get the bleeding stopped. A tourniquet used correctly will accomplish this. There have been countless lives saved by tourniquets, so why not have one of these lifesaving tools with you. We will get into different tourniquets in another post, but here is a snapshot of the popular ones that are available on the market. Whichever you choose, research and practice how to use it.

  1. CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet)
  2. SOF-T (Special Operations Forces Tourniquet)
  3. RAT (Rapid Application Tourniquet)
  4. SWAT T Tourniquet

Stay safe, keep your partners safe and Cover your 6.

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